About Wendy

Wendy-BeringWendy Bering is a resident of the charming and picturesque Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. She is a graduate of the Illustration Program at Sheridan College and although she majored in Advertising, she has a strong interest in fine art and enjoys creating her own individual pieces. Wendy works closely with her clients, visually expressing their wishes while adding her own special style. This collaboration results in unique and pleasing co-creations, some of which are accessed under the categories of Murals and Graphics.

Wendy’s creativity is inspired and influenced by many artists including, The Group of Seven, in particular Tom Thomson, as well as the natural beauty in her surroundings. She flavours her work with the intricacies of her life travels and experiences. Intrigued by nature, particularly animals and the expression of human wholeness, contentment and spirituality, Wendy believes the most beautiful is often the most ordinary.

Some of the art shows Wendy has participated in include; The Pelham Art Festival, The Queenston Art Show, The Folk Arts Festival, Art in The Gardens, and The Blossom Festival.

Art Lessons

For the past 13 years Wendy has been teaching art classes and creativity sessions to people of all ages and offers private instruction for those wishing to learn one-on-one. Some of her teachings have been for The Rainbow Artists (a group of professional artists providing art lessons in elementary schools throughout the Niagara Region), Brock University’s Continuing Education department, children’s art camps, and courses for both children and adults at various organizations throughout Niagara. Currently Wendy teaches art classes for N-Tec.
Wendy’s creativity sessions blend the use of artistic media, demonstration and gentle encouragement with a personal style that makes her well suited to lead workshops. Specialized, in-home, art sessions are available for children and adults.

For more information to work with Wendy on your project, with your group, or to purchase prints, please contact her at

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